Awesome Artisans: Zokoko Chocolate

Zokoko Bar

At The Essential Ingredient we are always on the lookout for the best artisan products. We didn’t have to look …

Salt: so much more than simple seasoning

Sea salt in a  wooden bowl


Not just a household substance, it has acted as a key broker of power and influence across the globe.

Salt and …

Black rice

Emperor’s Rice

In ancient China, short grain black rice was extremely rare and was reserved for the emperor. Forbidden to everyone else, it became known as “emperor’s rice” or “forbidden rice”.

A hybrid grain, developed by combining emperor black rice with an Italian Padano rice, became known as riso nero Venere or black …

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Australia Day Fare

Nothing says Australia Day more than prawns, pies, potatoes, pavlova and passionfruit. Oh, and lamb. Australia Day wouldn’t be the same without lamb!

This year, we’re embracing the classics with our Australia Day menu:

– Prawn cocktail
– Lamb sausage rolls
– Potato wedges
– Passionfruit pavlova


Prawn cocktail
For a simple prawn cocktail, toss …

chocolate gelato cropped

Jolly Good Gelato

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Gelato is simply the Italian word for ‘ice cream’, but there are three main differences between them:

– Gelato contains less fat than ice cream because it is made with milk rather than cream.

– With gelato, less air is incorporated during the …

christmas bauble

Merry Christmas from The Essential Ingredient

Although we have seen many changes over the years to our exciting range of food and cookware, some things never change. Our core belief remains unaltered; that each of our stores has an abundance of cook’s essentials, helping our knowledgeable staff to inspire better cooking.

We know our customers will visit our …


The Essential Ingredient Non Stick Frying Pans

The Essential Ingredient Non Stick Frying Pans are one of the world’s most durable, professional non stick cookware ranges.
The non stick coating is made from titanium and ceramic compounds, super-heated to over 2000°C to a molten liquefied plasma. This plasma is then blasted into the surface of each pan …