The Autumn Kitchen: Chestnuts

The Essential Ingredient Chestnuts
The Essential Ingredient Chestnuts

It’s autumn so its chestnut season. In Australia, harvesting generally starts mid-March …

Recipe: Wheat Berries with Brussels Sprouts, Lemon and Walnuts

Organic Wheat Berries with Brussels Sprouts and Lemon, pictured in The Essential Ingredient Mini Copper Frypan

This …


Mum’s The Word part 1

It’s nearly that time again of the year where we thank our Mums for being so unbelievably awesome. We’ve come up with a few really easy but super impressive ideas for what you can cook for Mum this Mothers Day. 

Breakfast: Cook up some of our  Whisk & Pin Blueberry pancakes & …


How to care for wooden chopping boards

A quality wooden chopping board, expertly crafted from exceptional timber, is a worthwhile investment.

As beautiful as wood is, this natural organic material requires a small amount of special care to maintain its functional properties and its aesthetic appeal.

To ensure you’re getting a wooden chopping board worthy of your precious knives and …

Garniture Forestiere & Dried Porcini

Using fungi – our French & Italian dried mushrooms

As the cool autumn evenings roll in we start thinking about rich flavours, slow cooking & seasonal produce. But we don’t want to just roll out the same old dishes, so over the coming month we’re sharing some of our favourite ways to inspire your cooking …

Tsoureki image

Orthodox Easter: Food traditions, recipes & decorated eggs

Orthodox Easter this year is now, as Holy Week leads those who are currently fasting into a week of preparation & cooking in readiness for Sunday’s feasting. Each day of this coming week has its own traditions, – sacrifice & fasting, mourning, contemplation & then celebration. Fasting, sometimes for up …


Flavours to pair with chocolate: our favourites

What’s the most exciting chocolate pairing you’ve ever tried?

If you’re gearing up to make your own truffles or if you just want to take your Easter dessert in a different direction, today we’re sharing some of our favourite chocolate flavour pairings for you. We’ve also included a few of the more …