Apprentice Chef Kits


Starting your chef apprenticeship and need to buy the required Chef’s Kit? Visit The Essential Ingredient!

With stores in Sydney, Melbourne, …

The Essential Guide to Capers


Capers and caperberries are an important component of today’s gourmet pantry.  Capers are more well-known and more commonly used in …


Delouis Fruit Vinegars

Delouis has been creating quality vinegars (as well as mustards, mayonnaise and more) in Limoges, France, for generations.

Secret recipes have been passed down to ensure that, even with innovations in technology and agriculture, the quality of the vinegars is always key.

Now, working together with French chefs, Delouis …


Exclusive Recipe: Mike McEnearney’s Freekeh-stuffed roast chicken with preserved lemon salsa

Everyone in Sydney knows ‘Kitchen By Mike’, the produce-driven Rosebery café that changes its menu daily based on what’s in season and delicious.

With the recent release of the cookbook of the same name, the rest of Australia is quickly becoming familiar with …


Kennedy & Wilson Chocolates

Chocolate and wine are an excellent pairing. They share much in both the way they’re enjoyed and how they are produced.

Like wine, the finest chocolate can only be made from the best source ingredients; cut corners with these and your finished product will always suffer.

That’s why, when winemaker Peter …


Vista Alegre Butterfly Parade

Since we began stocking a selection of products from Vista Alegre- one of the world’s most highly regarded fine porcelain manufacturers and a Portuguese institution- we’ve seen countless customers fall as in love with them as we are.

From their strikingly colourful tea and coffee cups to the modern …


Escargot; a French icon

Few ingredients are as iconically ‘French’ as escargot. Simply the French translation of ‘snails’, escargot has been considered a culinary luxury in Western Europe since the days of the Roman Empire.

Traditionally, French snails are served with herbed garlic butter and eaten from decorative shells, though there are many other …